Asphalt Maintenance for Long-Time Arlington Client

Asphalt Maintenance for Long-Time Arlington Client

At Pavecon our crew of asphalt paving professionals is proud to be a premier paving contractor in Arlington. We’ve made it our priority to deliver the best customer service, dedication, and professionalism in each and every asphalt job. By dedicating ourselves to the customer, we have established ourselves as a top paving company in Arlington, Texas. With a wide variety of services ranging from parking lot paving to asphalt repair to sealcoating, our team is ready to assist you on your next asphalt project. Give us a call today

Our team was recently contacted by a long-time client who was interested in asphalt maintenance in Arlington.  The client was a property manager for an apartment complex in the Arlington, Texas area. He explained to us that he was interested in parking lot maintenance services for the complex. He told us that his asphalt surface has begun to fade significantly. It was showing signs of standard wear and tear from consistent use. He also explained to us that his budget would only allow for sealcoating and restriping of the parking lot.

Having already worked with the client and property before, we were able to provide the property manager with a quote over the phone. He was very pleased with our previous work on his parking lot and we scheduled to begin work on his parking lot maintenance in two weeks. He wanted to provide his tenants with notice of the asphalt maintenance so that they could make any necessary preparations.

We were able to successfully complete the asphalt maintenance within three days. On the first day we performed sealcoating on half of the lot, which allowed residents to utilize the other portion of the parking lot. On the second day, we did the other half. Finally, we striped the lot to maximize the efficiency of the parking lot and provide tenants with aesthetic parking spaces. Everyone was very pleased with our asphalt maintenance in Arlington.

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