Asphalt Repair Work at Fort Worth Store

Asphalt Repair Work at Fort Worth Store

Pavecon is a premier paving contractor in Fort Worth, Texas. For many years, we’ve been delivering top of the line asphalt paving services to the city of Fort Worth and it’s wonderful residents. Over the years we’ve developed a wide array of paving services for our clients to enjoy. Whether you are interested in simple parking lot maintenance or installing a brand new parking lot, Pavecon has you covered. Give us a call today with any, and all, of your asphalt paving, needs.

Our team recently received a quote request for a local property manager and store owner. They were looking for asphalt repair in Fort Worth, Texas. The owner began by explaining that he was very unfamiliar with asphalt paving and the many different services we offer. We assured him that he had made the right decision contacting us. We told him that we would be happy to visit his property, examine his asphalt surface, and provide him with a fair and honest quote. He appreciated our straightforward approach and agreed to meet us later in that week.

Upon arriving at the job site, we were able to quickly identify the problem areas within the parking lot. There were a number of customer parking spaces that exhibited severe alligator cracking, and a few minor potholes that had formed. It appeared that we would need to perform both crack sealing and pothole patching. Upon receiving the quote, the client was very happy with the price and wanted to get started right away.

Our crew began parking lot repairs the following week in order to help the store owner mitigate any damage that could occur to his customer’s persons or vehicles. Our team was able to quickly and expertly move through the various asphalt repair projects. By the time we had completed the crack sealing and numerous pothole patching efforts, the asphalt parking lot had regained its functionality. The client was very pleased with our hard work and attention to detail as we worked through his asphalt repairs in Fort Worth.

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