Defend your facilities from water damage with help from Pavecon.

Commercial waterproofing and water damage remediation in Dallas-Fort Worth.

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Don’t let the elements wreak havoc on your people or your investment.

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Water damage does more than harm buildings, it can harm customers and employees alike. Pavecon works with commercial businesses, hospitals, schools, and government entities to keep Mother Nature from getting in and causing chaos, or worse. Waterproof your facilities, or get fast restoration for a building that’s already suffered damage. The pros at Pavecon will help you defend the people you care for, and the facilities you count on.
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Nearly 30 years of experience

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Rigorous safety standards

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All work self-performed

Building Exterior

Building Exteriors

Your exterior should say what you want it to about your business. Restore and repair damaged exteriors and protect from future problems with Pavecon.

Stone Repair/Replacement

Stucco Repair


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Parking Garages

Your parking garage should never be overlooked when it comes to waterproofing and damage remediation. Maintaining the longevity of your structure is easy with Pavecon.

Bearing Pad Replacement

Pressure Washing

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Concrete, Curtainwalls, and More

Water will find a way, and the damage can quickly spread. Let Pavecon assess your building for internal problems, as well as help restore and protect surfaces in and around your facilities.

Structural Concrete

Restoration / Replacement

Cladding Repair / Replacement

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Waterproofing Restoration

Water damage that goes unaddressed can harm your building and surfaces, costing more in the long run. Let Pavecon assess, repair and future-proof your building or site.
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Elastomeric Coating

Elastomeric coating is watertight and long-lasting, protecting your building from water damage more efficiently than regular paint. Let Pavecon professionals assess your site and ensure your building is properly protected from the elements.

Epoxy Floor Coating / Overlay

Epoxy Injection

Exterior Liquid or Sheet Applied Membrane

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Curtain Wall Maintenance

Routine curtain wall maintenance will preserve the functional and aesthetic value over time. Pavecon can help you make the decisions to maintain the appearance of your building’s exterior.

Cladding Repair & Replacement


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Below-Grade Waterproofing

Without waterproofing, your basement or parking garage is susceptible to moisture or flooding issues down the road, which can be expensive to repair. Pavecon has a team of knowledgeable professionals who can guide you on making the right choice for your particular needs.

Elastomeric Coating

Exterior Liquid or Sheet Applied Membrane

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Expansion Joint Repair

Temperature changes and poor installation can wreak havoc, causing cracks to appear and widen. Don’t be tempted to fill them yourself, let knowledgeable Pavecon professionals investigate and make the proper recommendations to not only fix the problem, but futureproof it.

Joint Repair / Replacement

Epoxy Overlay

The Pavecon Plan

Three steps to easily protect your vital facility investment.

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Schedule an assessment

We use an objective, tech-based evaluation process to ensure you get the right solution the first time, solving your exterior facility maintenance needs without stress and frustration.

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Pavecon goes to work

Pavecon ensures your entire experience, from proposal to close-out, is smooth and your project is completed on time, on budget, and to the strictest quality standards.

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The job gets done

Your project will be built to last by our well-trained crews. Even after the job is done, we keep working. Our project managers will provide the continued support you need.

Pavecon makes our clients happy.


Why should I have my property inspected?

Having your property regularly inspected helps you maintain a healthy and attractive property, minimizes risk, and gives you valuable information that makes maintenance decision-making easier and straightforward. Any future maintenance projects become more predictable, enabling you to properly budget. Your tenant satisfaction and retention all improve, as well.

What is a property inspection?
An inspector will come to your property. They will create a list of building components, then determine their current condition. They may take pictures of certain elements and assign grades based on their findings. They may determine if an outside specialist such as a structural engineer is needed to provide further details.
How often should I have my property inspected?
Every property is different, but there are a few things to consider when determining how often to do exterior inspections of your property:
  • The type, use, and location of the property. Consider things such as size, traffic, vacancies, neighborhood.
  • The overall condition. How old is your property? What is the maintenance history?
  • Staff availability. Your on-site maintenance staff will influence your inspection timing and frequency.
Pavecon inspectors can give you personalized recommendations based on your property’s inspection history, location, and age.
When should I have my property inspected?
Every property is different, but you’ll want to schedule your inspection at times when it will impact your tenants and their businesses the least.
What's the difference between urethane and silicone sealants?
Urethane is less expensive than silicone, but it does not last nearly as long. Choosing the right material will depend on your situation.
What is caulking?
Caulking is a substance used to fill gaps between two building components. Its primary role is waterproofing, but sealants also play an essential part in environment control for buildings.
What is wet seal (glazing)?
Wet seals are materials that connect the glass of a window to the surrounding frame. Glazing materials have a higher tensile strength than caulking.
Where does sealant and caulking go?
Sealants and caulking are used where two building components meet, called joints. Building joints allow for temperature-induced movement. If not properly sealed, these joints are where water damage appears most frequently.
What are window lintels?

Window lintels are the main support for the masonry units above windows.

What is spalling?

Spalling is when small pieces of masonry or concrete break off or crumble, usually caused by freeze-thaw cycles, or rusting of embedded reinforcing steel.

What is efflorescence?
The white staining you see on buildings is caused by the salt that water leaves behind when it evaporates. It’s an indicator that water is present in the building material.
Why should I use deck coating?
You should use deck coating because contaminants such as salt, de-icers, water, oils, and grease deteriorate your concrete surface. Deck coating protects your surface from these harmful items by creating a protective layer to keep out contaminants.
What is leaching?

Leaching is water migrating through the concrete slab that can result in corrosion of reinforcing steel, and the subsequent delamination and spalling.

What is cure time?
Cure time refers to the window of time between installation and being fully functional. The cure time is the amount of time the material manufacturer and contractor recommend you wait to use the installation.


You have to maintain your facilities, but you don’t have to deal with challenging or unreliable contractors who can leave you with a big bill and a bigger problem. When you choose Pavecon, we help you solve your facility maintenance problems, and you can rest assured that we won’t leave you with any new ones.