Concrete Repair Work for Plano Property Manager

Concrete Repair Work for Plano Property Manager

Pavecon has been a dedicated paving contractor serving Plano, TX for many years. With over 25 years of experience, we have established ourselves as a leading paving company in Texas and focus on making the customer our top priority. At Pavecon, delivering exceptional customer service and professionalism is our specialty. Our paving services include concrete paving, asphalt paving, concrete repair, asphalt repair, and more. Therefore, if you need asphalt or concrete work in Plano, TX, Pavecon is the asphalt contractor that you can rely on. Contact us today!

We recently received a consultation request from a property manager. The manager was looking for concrete repair in Plano. The client explained to us that the concrete sidewalk near the entrance to his property had been damaged. He was interested in our concrete paving and concrete repair services. We informed him that our comprehensive concrete services would cover any damage that his property had incurred.

We visited the property later that week in order to evaluate the extent of the damage. Upon arrival at the property, it became evident where the pavement damage was located. The pavement sidewalk near the entrance was severely damaged. Luckily, we knew that our skilled paving professionals would be able to handle the job.

We worked with the property manager over the next few days to fully restore the concrete sidewalk in his complex and to plan a more effective pavement maintenance strategy. The property manager was very pleased with the work that we had completed for him.

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