Pavement Maintenance Strategies for Irving Property Manager

Pavement Maintenance Strategies for Irving Property Manager

Our team recently received a quote request from a property manager. The local property manager was interested in pavement maintenance in Irving. The manager was contacting us with the intent to develop a comprehensive preventive pavement maintenance strategy. He explained to us that his pavement had continually experienced heavy use, and as a result, was beginning to show significant signs of wear. We were able to gather more information from the local property manager about the type of use, amount of traffic, and more, to help us determine the most effective maintenance strategies.

We scheduled to visit the property the following week to perform an in-depth evaluation of the pavement parking lot. The property was a small office retail center with a concrete parking lot. The concrete, while slightly worn, was in relatively good shape. The property manager was pleased to hear that he would be able to avoid more costly concrete repairs and concrete paving.

Our team worked with the manager to develop a full-service pavement maintenance plan that would help to keep their pavement parking lot in top condition and reduce the overall wear and tear from day to day use. By utilizing a variety of pavement maintenance techniques, he would be able to significantly extend the healthy life of is concrete pavement.

Pavecon has been delivering commercial and municipal paving services for over two and half decades. We have worked with a wide variety of customers to achieve expertly paved and maintained parking lots and roads. If you are in need of concrete paving or asphalt paving services make sure to give us a call today!

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