We Bring Value to the Surface

Anyone can fix a pothole. Pavecon can help maximize your business. We are transforming our industry by providing property owners and managers a dramatically better way to protect your real estate investments.

A Powerful, One-Stop Resource

Concrete paving. Asphalt paving. Routine pavement maintenance. Sealcoat. Striping. ADA compliance. Bollards. Signage. Project management. Pavecon does it all.

Serving Properties of All Kinds

Pavecon performs over 4,000 asphalt and concrete paving projects a year for properties of all kinds: Big-box retail centers, apartment complexes, corporate chains, airports, medical centers, auto dealerships, universities, banks and drive-thrus.

Raising Productivity

One-stop shopping. Exponential time savings. Streamlined scheduling. That’s the value of Pavecon. For time-pressed property managers who supervise multiple locations, Pavecon can help you maintain all your related structures at every property you manage with unmatched efficiency.

Protecting Profits

Pavecon is a partner with business sense. Part of the value we provide is that we have the expertise to help property owners maintain their real estate investment in a way that protects their hard-earned profits. It’s always possible to find a cheaper bid. But Pavecon always costs less in the long run. We don’t just fill potholes. We work with you to provide custom, in-budget solutions to help you minimize total repair costs and maximize the lifetime of your pavement. And we deliver those solutions on time, and to specification, with minimal disruption to the traffic flow around your entrance.

Reducing Risk

Perhaps the greatest value Pavecon provides is the value of peace of mind. No other paving company can guarantee more protection for your people and your corporate image than Pavecon. First, Pavecon does not sub-contract work to brokers or general contractors. Our work is self-performed by our own highly trained team of professionals, eliminating unknown, unproven or disreputable contractors on your property. Our uniformed crews adhere to rigorous worksite safety standards and take pride in the quality of their craftsmanship. Pavecon’s deliberate end-to-end control of every crew, on every property, ensures greater quality control from top to bottom.

One Vendor, One Bid, One Bill

The formula is simple. Whether you manage property for 5, 50 or 500 locations, Pavecon offers the time-saving advantage of one bid for asphalt paving, concrete paving and maintenance services — from crack filling, joint sealing and pothole repair to full-scale parking lot rehabilitation, sealcoat, striping and more.

Accurate, Efficient Scheduling

It’s easy to see how Pavecon’s one-bid advantage dramatically reduces time lost to chasing, vetting, scheduling and managing multiple vendors, allowing for a more timely start to your project. But our impact on your timeline goes much deeper than that. Since Pavecon self-manages our concrete, asphalt, sealcoat and striping teams, for example, the right crews show up in the right place, with the right equipment, at the right time — avoiding the scheduling mishaps that are so common when property managers are burdened with scheduling unrelated crews that don’t communicate with one another. Plus, Pavecon’s end-to-end control of all teams involved allows us to schedule every crew with extreme efficiency.

Serving a Large and Growing Territory

Because Pavecon serves a large and growing territory across the entire southern half of the U.S., we are the ideal pavement maintenance partner for properties with multiple locations across many states.

Here for the Life of Your Project

Because Pavecon has a solid reputation with a 25+ year track record, you can be sure that Pavecon will be around to serve you for the life of your pavement. From initial construction to routine maintenance to rehabilitation, our warranty-protected work is backed by a team of highly respected professionals with decades of commitment to our craft and to the companies we serve.

Value is a Promise

In the rugged world of paving and construction, Pavecon brings value to the surface. That’s not just a phrase we say. It’s a reputation we earned. Not in a day. Not in a decade. But one job at a time, for more than twenty-five years.

Without question, our commitment to excellent performance has defined the Pavecon name for a quarter century in one of the nation’s toughest industries. It’s the common quality behind everything that makes us who we are: Our people, our process, and our record.