Headquarters: Dallas, Texas

Regional Offices: Dallas, Austin, Houston, Lubbock and San Antonio, Texas; Northwest Arkansas; Jackson, Mississippi; and Birmingham, Alabama

Service Area: Virtually anywhere in the U.S., with frequent activity in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas

Pavecon Pavement Construction is one of the most respected, and respectful, paving contractors in the nation. Throughout the Southwestern and Southeastern United States from New Mexico to Alabama, Pavement Construction provides a refreshing level of professionalism and courtesy in asphalt paving, concrete paving, pavement maintenance and parking lot repair for big-box retail shopping centers, apartment complexes and other high-traffic commercial properties. Pavecon Pavement Construction operates out of eight regional offices, which are centrally located in Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama. From these hub locations, the highly skilled asphalt and concrete paving contractors of Pavecon Pavement Construction can serve customers virtually anywhere in the United States.


Headquarters: Dallas, Texas

Service Area: Texas

Pavecon Public Works is the Pavecon division dedicated to public and private development throughout the state of Texas. Pavecon Public Works has the financial strength necessary for large-scale TxDOT projects and major municipal projects. Our Public Works division is trusted across Texas to build and repair federal interstates, state highways, city streets, county roads, neighborhood drives, park trails, sidewalks, curbs and parking lots. For Texas developers in the public and private sector, Public Works provides the most efficient, turnkey path for the construction or repair of any asphalt or concrete surface.


Headquarters: Dallas, Texas

Service Area: Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

Pavecon Commercial Concrete is a major commercial contractor that provides design, engineering, construction and general contracting for large-scale concrete buildings throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. For manufacturing, retail, healthcare, education and other growing sectors, Pavecon Commercial Concrete provides tilt-wall construction, structural work, flat-work, slabs, paving and infrastructure services for warehouses, medical centers, shopping centers, schools and other large buildings.


Headquarters: Dallas, Texas

Pavecon is one of the most respected names in the paving and construction industry. Its story dates back to 1992, when its founder and current president, David Walker, established Pavecon in Dallas, Texas. Under his leadership and guidance, the Pavecon name became a mark of stability and quality in one of the nation’s most volatile industries.

Over time, Pavecon expanded into three distinct divisions: Pavecon Pavement Construction, Pavecon Public Works and Pavecon Commercial Concrete. Pavecon Pavement Construction is a large paving contractor that specializes in paving asphalt and concrete parking lots, sidewalks, curbs and drives in a multi-state area throughout the southwestern and southeastern regions of the United States. Pavecon Public Works provides parking lot paving, street paving and highway construction for public and private projects in the state of Texas, including TxDOT projects. Pavecon Commercial Concrete designs and builds large-scale concrete buildings in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Though each Pavecon division has its own professional specialty and service area, they all share the same reputation for exceptional work and attentive customer care. That’s because at the highest level, Pavecon leadership — especially its founder — has made it a priority to closely mentor the Pavecon division presidents and regional managers. David’s commitment to the people he leads, the customers he serves and the communities he touches sets the tone for the character of the Pavecon.