Make informed decisions about your facilities with professional drone assessments from Pavecon.

Commercial drone operator for property assessments.

Property Assessment 1

You need reliable, tech-backed information about your facilities to make your maintenance investment as effective as possible.

Property Assessment 2

Get a bird’s-eye view of your facilities with the Engineered Pavement Solution from Pavecon. Our integrated tech approach brings drones, aircraft, satellites, and more together to create a detailed profile of your buildings. Spot damage early, assess the repairs needed, budget the work more accurately, and walk away covered by an extended warranty. It’s all made possible by Pavecon’s Engineered Pavement Solution.

Property Assessment 3

Revolutionary tech approach

Property Assessment 4

Intelligent tools and analysis

Property Assessment 5

Repairs covered by warranty

Property Assessment 6

Know Before You Spend:

Objective Analysis

High-quality repairs start with rigorous, objective analysis. You’ll always have the information you need to make the most effective decisions when you work with the aerial assessment pros at Pavecon.

Analyze any pavement surface

Budget repairs accurately and quickly

Simplify multi-site projects

Maximize maintenance spend

Property Assessment 7

Pavecon’s Complete Assessment Package:

Engineered Pavement Solution

Our Engineered Pavement Solution combines intelligent aerial assessments with thorough ground and soil analysis, making your maintenance investment leaner and smarter.

Property assessments

Pre-repair assessments and analysis

Core samples & soil report

Extended warranty on repair work

Property Assessment 8

Aerial Evaluation

Our aerial evaluation of your site will allows us to construct a proactive site management strategy and put the best suggestions forward to protect your site and investment.

Property Assessment 9

Capital Planning

Capital planning takes into account your long-term plans in regards to your site and facilities, ensuring against the future.

Property Assessment 10

Maintenance Strategy

Our maintenace strategy puts the data-driven decision-making process in your hands, where you control the outcome of your project.

Capital Planning

Aerial Evaluation

The Pavecon Plan

Three steps to easily protect your vital facility investment.

Property Assessment 11

Schedule an assessment

We use an objective, tech-based evaluation process to ensure you get the right solution the first time, solving your exterior facility maintenance needs without stress and frustration.

Property Assessment 12

Pavecon goes to work

Pavecon ensures your entire experience, from proposal to close-out, is smooth and your project is completed on time, on budget, and to the strictest quality standards.

Property Assessment 13

The job gets done

Your project will be built to last by our well-trained crews. Even after the job is done, we keep working. Our project managers will provide the continued support you need.

Pavecon makes our clients happy.


How long before someone can be out onsite?

We typically want to shoot for a 24-hour response time and 72-hour onsite time. This gives us a few days to organize everything and build the estimates.

How long before this project can go into production?

This will be division-dependent but will typically range from 1 week if there is a high level of priority but will typically take a month to make fit in with all other existing work.

How long is the proposal good for?

Our proposals will stipulate that the price for this quote will be good for 30 days but can be pushed out to 90 days. With the volatility of material pricing in today’s economy, we need to verify any price outside of 30 days.  

Can you provide a proposal for work that will be done next year?

Yes, we can provide what’s called a budget bid. This bid is to give you an idea of the scope of work and price associated with remediating your property. As we get closer to awarding the work, you would want to have this number verified or rebid. 

Can you support all my properties across the state, region, or nation?
Yes, to all the above. Pavecon has an extensive geographical footprint with nine divisions covering AZ to GA. We also work closely with the Paving Network, a thoroughly vetted network of paving companies across the country. This allows us to cover almost all 50 states with the highest quality production standards remaining intact.
Can you help me build a maintenance plan for the next five years?

Absolutely. This is something we can support as we will be able to scope your lot and help prioritize the work that is needed and when to perform it. We can provide multiple options of scope and price giving you an idea of the capital allocation required to maintain and extend the life of your pavement. 

What scopes of work can you perform?
We can handle a wide variety of scopes of work. If you can walk or drive on it, we can support your needs. We specialize in asphalt and concrete maintenance to include: crackfill, sealcoat, patching, overlays, milling and removal, striping and pavement markings, signage, wheelstops, bollards, and ADA compliance.
What other services does Pavecon offer?

Pavecon is known for paving maintenance, but we have other service offers that may benefit your property. These services include waterproofing and exterior building maintenance as well as our Atlas 10 technology, where we use drones to assess your parking lots giving us an objective, highly accurate scope of work and long-term analysis of your property’s needs. 

What is an aerial evaluation?
An aerial evaluation uses drones, low-level AI, and geo-imaging to provide a refined, accurate estimate of the property. The evaluation allows for an in-depth analysis of pavement conditions and project scope.
Why should I opt for an aerial evaluation?
The aerial evaluation results in a thorough and objective assessment of the property, including exact square footage, and immediacy for repairs. It is highly accurate and allows us to draft engineering plans to best serve your needs. We use an aerial evaluation in determining proactive, long-term strategies and to provide a treatment plan.
Who would benefit from an aerial assessment?
Clients with larger, or multiple, areas to assess would benefit greatly from an aerial assessment, as well as those looking for a long-term, proactive pavement maintenance solution.


You have to maintain your facilities, but you don’t have to deal with challenging or unreliable contractors who can leave you with a big bill and a bigger problem. When you choose Pavecon, we help you solve your facility maintenance problems, and you can rest assured that we won’t leave you with any new ones.