Pavement Maintenance

Maintain Your Pavement Surface with Pavecon

Preventative pavement maintenance is a crucial component of a well-planned concrete maintenance plan. Pavecon Dallas understands that a concrete parking lot or concrete driveway is a substantial investment. We fully recommend employing a variety of preventative maintenance techniques and concrete repair methods to maintain the health of your concrete surface.

Pavecon Dallas recognizes and offers some of the most effective forms of preventative pavement maintenance.

Joint/Expansion caulking is a highly effective form of pavement maintenance that we utilize at Pavecon Dallas. This service includes the use of an extremely long-lasting, durable urethane caulk. This is applied in the joint of the concrete, allowing for it to expand and contract without experiencing structural damage or cracking. As a result, your concrete can remain in excellent shape.

Sealing your concrete surface is also a very important form of pavement maintenance. One of the most common problems with concrete comes from water, liquids, and other materials penetrating the surface. By sealing the surface blocks, you place a protective layer between the lower portions of the concrete structure and the elements. As a result, you can extend the lifespan of your concrete.

Furthermore, there are a variety of common and effective types of pavement maintenance. These include power washing, protective coating, and finally, concrete marking. All of these techniques can help to sustain the health of your concrete parking lot and can extend the value of your investment.

Pavecon Dallas is your go-to paving contractor in Dallas, Texas and the surrounding areas. Therefore, our pavement maintenance crews are ready to assist you with your concrete needs. Contact us today at (972) 263-3223 to find out how we can help you.

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