Choose Pavecon Concrete Services

Pavecon Dallas is proud to be a leading paving contractor offering concrete services in Dallas, Texas and the surrounding areas. Since 1992, Pavecon Dallas has been providing a variety of paving services to businesses, residents, organizations and more. We offer our pavement services to a variety of different clients including big-box retail shopping centers, apartment complexes, and more. Our team of paving professionals is highly experienced in all practices including paving, repair, and pavement maintenance. Make sure to give us a call today with any, and all of your paving needs.

Consequently, we offer a variety of paving services including:

Concrete Paving

Pavecon Dallas has been providing concrete paving services to Dallas for many years. Furthermore, we have been a top provider of paving for many years. Our crews are prepared to perform paving for a client of any size. Therefore, if you are looking for parking lot paving for your office-retail center, industrial building, or other, Pavecon Dallas is the paving contractor you can depend on.


Concrete Repair

Concrete repair is very important for maintaining the functionality and structural integrity of your concrete surface. Cracks and defects in a parking lot surface can occur for a number of different reasons. Therefore, if you have structural cracks, non-structural cracks, macro defects, or micro defects, Pavecon Dallas is the pavement repair company for you.

Pavement Maintenance

Preventative pavement maintenance is a critical method for elongating the lifespan of your parking lot surface. We offer variety of pavement maintenance techniques. These services range from joint/expansion caulking, sealing, power washing, protective coating, or marking. As a result, Pavecon Dallas delivers the best paving services around.

Above all, make sure to contact Pavecon Dallas today and give us a call at (972) 263-3223 for a complimentary consultation!

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