How Maintaining Your Property’s Pavement Can Benefit You and Your Business

How Maintaining Your Property's Pavement Can Benefit You and Your Business 1
Tending to your building or complex’s exterior surfaces is a time-consuming responsibility if you’re a property manager. There are many issues to deal with throughout the year, from cracked pavement to weathered surfaces. Maintenance for pavement takes many forms, from crack and joint sealing to ADA modifications to structural concrete. If you haven’t already, it could be time to consider a maintenance service. Here at Pavecon, we’ve compiled four compelling reasons.

1. Prevent Issues

Preventative pavement maintenance is one of the best ways to stop minor issues from growing into larger, more expensive ones. A service maintenance program with a reputable company can help you keep problems contained and repair costs down. In addition, many companies offer property assessments and maintenance strategies customized to your specific property and needs. For example, a project to completely repair and resurface a commercial shopping complex’s frontage may require aerial evaluation, new asphalt construction and asphalt repair.

2. Repair Problems

Repairing problems as soon as you encounter them is another sure-fire way to keep your costs down and your property open for use or business. Whether your driveway’s edges are crumbling or a pothole is forming in the middle of your parking lot, getting the right people on the job to repair the problem is the right thing to do. Ignoring or temporarily patching the issue can increase the risk of accidents to humans or vehicles.

3. Reduce Risk

Smooth, sealed asphalt surfaces are vital in reducing the risk of visitor or vehicle accidents. A customer or visitor needs and deserves a clear access route to your building, and exposed tree roots, crumbling edges and exposed joints jeopardize easy access. What’s the solution? Smooth, seal-coated surfaces allow a property manager like you to add stripings such as road or parking lines to your property’s pavement. Striping adds to your visitors’ ease of access and use, translating into better business for you. Newly constructed or repaired curbs, gutters and sidewalks also add to the look and functionality of your property.

4. Increase Business

Maintaining your property’s pavement reflects well on your business and your customers’ perception of it. A smooth, easy-to-access frontage, for example, looks good and performs well. When you add helpful stripings such as parking spaces and arrows, you give the public directives and ensure their success and ease when visiting your property. If they have a good experience on their way into your building or complex, they will likely return.

Another benefit to subscribing to a maintenance program is that your property’s well-maintained forecourt, driveway or parking lot indicates to customers and visitors that you also take good care of your business. As you can see, customers’ perceptions are powerful in decision-making. Their good experience at your property translates to better business for you.

If you’d like to know more about how pavement maintenance can benefit you and your business, contact Pavecon today. We’re a trusted partner for property managers, offering various maintenance services that save you money over time. Please submit your message via our online form or call us at our Dallas-Forth Worth headquarters.

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