About Pavecon

Proudly Serving Our Customers Since 1992

Pavecon is proud to be an industry leading paving contractor serving multiple states throughout the country. ( Click Here to see regional offices.) We have delivered the top of the line asphalt and concrete services for close to three decades.

We offer a wide array of asphalt and concrete services, catering to all size clients. Our asphalt services include asphalt paving, repair, and full pavement maintenance.  Furthermore, our concrete services include concrete paving, concrete repair, and pavement maintenance.

Our crews understand the importance of parking lot accessibility during jobs. As a result, we will work closely with you to make sure business is uninhibited.

Pavecon is dedicated to providing exceptional customer servicecraftsmanship and professionalism.


We are dedicated to a Safety-First work environment, which encourages proactive actions to prevent or correct any safety issues which may arise. We follow all safety rules at all times.

  • I protect the health, safety and well-being of every person in the company.
  • I am always diligent to recognize and correct any safety hazards encountered daily on my jobs affecting my fellow workers and property owner’s customers.
  • I am a safety leader who follows all safety rules to the letter and am responsible to mentor my fellow workers to share in this leadership.
  • Today, I lead everyone in achieving zero incidents.

Customer Value Creation

We create value for our customers, making analyses and recommendations to create superior construction services to solve our customers’ needs.

  • I will partner with our customers to develop trusting and long-lasting relationships.
  • I stay focused on delivering a quality product to provide the best long-term solution, while minimizing excessive waste and cost.
  • I do not take “short-cuts;” I deliver what our customer is paying for, to specification.
  • I am aware of our customers’ needs, and I exceed expectations.


Pavecon companies value efficiency, because We do the right thing, even when no one knows about it.

  • I treat our customers, both internal and external, with the honesty they are due, and accept them as members of our team.
  • I hold myself responsible for my commitments and actions; I promise only what I can deliver.
  • I do not lie, betray a confidence, stretch the truth or withhold information from a peer, management or a customer.
  • I maintain mutually beneficial relations with all employees, customers, suppliers, partners, communities and governments.


We treat others as we would want to be treated: Openly, honestly, sincerely, ethically and with dignity.

  • I do not blame. I look for ways to solve problems and learn so we do not make the same mistake again.
  • I do not use crude language, act rudely, or discount anyone I work with—team leaders, peers or customers.
  • I respect our customers’ property; therefore, I do not litter or leave a messy job site and I am always mindful to minimize any job inconvenience.
  • I value each person’s point of view and treat people fairly regardless of their position.

Servant Leadership

We are dedicated helping each other be our best selves at home, work and in our community.

  • I provide a clear picture of where we are going, our vision and goals.
  • I empower people to succeed by giving them control of the goal.
  • I provide direction and involvement based on a person’s level of knowledge and commitment to the task.
  • I provide positive recognition and believe every person deserves civility, trust and respect. I listen intently and observe closely, and put others ahead of myself.

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