Safety is a culture. At Pavecon, our first job is keeping people safe. Our people. Your people. All people. Read on to find out how.

Nothing matters more

If you want to make the world a better place, you have to start at home. No company understands that more than Pavecon. Our greatest responsibility is to protect the people who put their trust in us. Our customers. Their customers. And every single member of our team. Safety starts by putting people first.

It’s Everybody’s Job

A culture of safety is not built overnight. It’s built over time. Even though Pavecon has a dedicated risk management and loss prevention expert to lead our Health, Safety and Environmental program, safety is the responsibility of every person here.

More Than A Hard hat

At Pavecon, we understand that safety is more than a hard hat and earplugs. Safety is a habit. It’s seeing the big picture. Planning ahead. And preventing a problem before it starts.

The Power Of One

At Pavecon, we emphasize just how much of an impact one person can have. Especially when it comes to protecting each other, the public and our environment. From our crew members to our company owners, our people all have this in common: We’re not afraid to do the right thing. Every employee has the authority to stop any job at any time to prevent an incident.

Always Learning

Pavecon offers several opportunities for safety training, with additional OSHA classes in the works. Most Pavecon companies conduct weekly training sessions on safe material handling, equipment operation and protective gear. We combine demonstration and hands-on learning with lectures and manuals. We provide OSHA-recognized training and certification for heavy equipment operation. Most importantly, many of the lessons we learn on the job — like ladder safety, power tool safety, and eye and ear protection — are lessons we can bring home to our families.

Strong Record

Pavecon is proud of our safety record. Thanks to the diligence of every single member of the Pavecon team, our experience modifier remains less than 1.0, and has for several years.

Exceeding Requirements

At Pavecon, we always aspire to exceed requirements — not just meet them. One example? Pavecon is proud to be over a year ahead of implementing DOT requirements for electronic driver logs. Our electronic logs help improve and reward safe driving habits in the Pavecon fleet.

Rewarding Safe Drivers

Pavecon fleets are always on the roads. Project managers are visiting job sites. Dump trucks are hauling off debris. Concrete mixers are heading to the pour. Pavecon rewards safe driving habits, like properly securing loads, not speeding, having paperwork in order and keeping certifications up-to-date, with our Safe Driver Bonus. Every clean DOT inspection earns $100 bucks — up to $500 a year.

Making Safety Simple

There is a place for the 500-page safety manual. But there’s also a need for something more practical. That’s why Pavecon writes a Site-Specific Safety Plan for every job we do. This simple 3-sheet summary covers the top 10 safety issues on a given job site. It highlights OSHA regulations, equipment usage, training requirements, hazardous materials and other issues. Most importantly, it’s actually read — and well-received, we might add — by crew members and customers alike.

Proactive Prevention

Preventing loss. Managing risk. If that sounds like insurance speak, it is. That’s because the leader of Pavecon’s Health, Safety and Environmental program started out with training in the insurance world. And before there was OSHA, or the EPA, or the DOT, there was insurance. No industry has a longer history in understanding the value of proactive prevention. Pavecon’s Health, Safety and Environmental program is built on these same principles.

Safer Every Day

We methodically lower our chances of injuries and incidents by reviewing our jobsites every day. On a monthly basis, division heads and company owners meet to discuss safety goals and metrics on a long-term scale.