Pavecon Means Performance

In the rugged world of paving and construction, Pavecon means performance. That’s not just a word we say. It’s a reputation we earned. Not in a day. Not in a decade. But one job at a time, for more than twenty-five years.

Without question, our commitment to excellent performance has defined the Pavecon name for a quarter century in one of the nation’s toughest industries. It’s the common quality behind everything that makes us who we are: Our people, our process, our equipment and our record.

High-Performance People

Experience. Skill. Attention to detail. From our job sites to our boardrooms, the message is clear: Our power is our people. Across every Pavecon division, at every level, we are guided by the values that we share. One of those values is excellence in every aspect of paving and construction.

High-Performance Process

Pavecon companies value efficiency, because efficiency means value for our customers. One way we keep projects on time and on budget is by following a clear process. Though each division has its own way of taking care of business, they have one thing in common: A proven process built around the people we serve.

High-Performance Equipment

High-performance results requires high-performance equipment. Nobody understands that more than our fleet support team. Every Pavecon division has a dedicated team of shop foremen, fleet managers, mechanics and production coordinators who work diligently to maintain our fleet and keep our equipment running at peak condition. They are our most powerful defense against costly delays caused by out-of-order equipment.

High-Performance Record

At Pavecon, our proudest measure of performance is the reputation we have built. We have the privilege of serving business owners, nonprofit organizations and municipalities throughout the southwestern and southeastern United States. In places like Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama, Pavecon has earned the endorsements of discerning customers who demand high-performance results.