In the paving and construction industry, Pavecon companies get noticed for a lot of reasons. The customer care. The efficient job sites. The unmistakable attention to detail. These are the hallmarks of the Pavecon name. But they don’t happen automatically. They happen because of our people.

Our purpose

To construct and maintain the pavement infrastructure supporting our economy and everyday life.

Our foundation is solid

How did Pavecon build our reputation as one of the most respected paving and construction teams in the nation? The answer is simple. We are built on something more than concrete, steel and asphalt. We are built on purpose.

Our values guide our actions

When purpose drives action, priorities set themselves. We do work that matters. Work that makes the world a better place. We always put safety first. We value sustainability. We strive to be socially responsible. Across every Pavecon division, our plans, decisions and actions are guided by the values we share.

At Pavecon, We Are Connecting People And Enhancing Lives Through Skillful, Sustainable, Responsible Paving And Construction Services.

Important lessons

For more than a quarter-century, we have built our expertise in the challenging world of paving and construction. And the most important lesson we have learned along the way is not about materials or equipment or technique. It’s about the impact we have on the world around us.

Unmistakable impact

In every division, at every level, we understand that we build more than roads and walls. In a world where distance separates us from family, friends and opportunities, we construct the framework for face-to-face connection. We build the infrastructure that shapes the horizons of our vibrant hometowns and our major metropolitan centers. We help create unmistakable signs of progress in every state in the southwestern and southeastern regions of our nation.

Community cornerstones

How can a family of paving and construction companies claim to do something so meaningful? Society as we know it depends on the skills and services that our seasoned teams provide. The basic cornerstones of our communities — such as medical centers, supermarkets and places of worship — simply could not serve their purpose without roads to get there, a safe place to park, or a building to house people. Paving and construction are essential to almost every aspect of our modern, mobile world.

Responsible actions

It’s a big responsibility. One we take seriously. We have a responsibility to the safety of our people. The safety of the public. The satisfaction of our customers. And to the environment we share. That’s why Pavecon companies are known in the paving and construction industry for careful attention to detail and exceptional service. Our purpose is too great for anything less.
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