What Property Managers Should Know About Constructing Parking Lots

What Property Managers Should Know About Constructing Parking Lots 1
If you are a property manager and intend to have a parking lot paved, it is important to do it right. Doing a high-quality job at the outset can help ensure the longevity of your parking lot, and lead to substantially lower costs in the long term.

Read on to learn more about what should go into a top-quality parking lot paving job.

Site Preparation

For a parking lot to be sturdy in the long-term, the site on which it is situated must be well-prepared. Beneath the pavement there are subsoil and base layers that will affect the ultimate quality of the parking lot.

Prior to paving, it is important to ensure that these layers are studied and are strong enough to support your parking lot. The site must be well-graded, and necessary supporting material should be added.. The site must also be cleaned and cleared of of all debris.

Failure to do a high-quality site preparation job can have serious implications later on. Weak spots under the parking lot can quickly lead to depressions and water pooling, and can ultimately cause the paving job to fail.

Asphalt Pouring

Once the site is prepared, the next step is to ensure the smooth pouring of asphalt pavement. As a property manager, it is imperative to ensure safety at the site. Everything around the construction site should be well-marked, and utilities and underground obstacles should be clearly identifiable. You should also make it clear how individuals using the property can avoid the construction site.

When the asphalt is being poured, it is important to ensure that the site is well-marked, the asphalt depth has been correctly measured, and the correct asphalt mix is being used.

Asphalt Compaction

Asphalt needs to be compacted properly to ensure it holds together well and lasts as a paved surface. As a property manager, it is important to stay visually aware of the compaction process. By staying engaged in the process, you can stay alert for any defects, while helping to ensure that factors like temperature and humidity are properly taken into account.

It is also vital to ensure that nobody using the property drives or walks on the asphalt until it has sufficiently set.

Regular Maintenance

Ultimately, regular maintenance will help to keep your asphalt parking lot thriving for many years. Pay close attention to the state of the parking lot. If you see cracks or potholes forming, give them immediate attention. Small cracks can often be fixed easily with a small amount of asphalt mix. However, more serious potholes may require professional help.

Failure to fix a crack or hole that is forming in asphalt can lead water to pool (and potentially ultimately freeze), causing your asphalt to break apart, and shortening your parking lot’s lifespan.

Additional regular upkeep — including debris removal, as well as sealcoating — can significantly help to extend the lifespan of an asphalt parking lot.

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