What does it mean to sealcoat a parking lot?

What does it mean to sealcoat a parking lot? 1
Sealcoating is the process of adding a protective layer to a paved asphalt surface. No matter where a business is located, sealcoating pavement is both a smart and economical choice. A property manager and business owner will agree that, for budgeting, sealcoating extends their investment in the parking lot. Pavecon is a pavement construction company that services virtually all of the United States, and can seal your pavement for an extra layer of protection and longer life. Before choosing which sealcoat is best for your pavement maintenance plan, there are a few critical pieces of information to consider.


Since sealcoating adds an additional layer of protection to your asphalt surface, it is also essential to consider what purpose your pavement serves. Sealcoating protects both from the elements and from penetration of foreign objects, which may cause splits or cracks in the base layer. Knowing what your asphalt will be used for – whether a parking lot for general vehicular use, a dumping lot for gravel and aggregate, or a parking site for waste trucks – will help you choose which sealcoat will best serve your needs. Generally, there are three common types of sealants for asphalt pavement:

  • Tar-based sealant
  • Asphalt-based sealant
  • Petroleum-based sealant


To plan appropriately for your pavement job or sealcoating maintenance, it is critical to consider your location and to listen to the weather report. Many sealcoats can withstand wetter weather within hours of the initial application, but it is not ideal for their prolonged life. Since the purpose of sealcoating is indeed to prolong the life of your pavement job, careful planning should go into scheduling sealcoating. Be sure to wait until the forecast is clear and free of rain for at least 2 days before and following your sealcoating appointment. Furthermore, in colder climates in the United States, Pavecon recommends waiting until the warmest time of the year to schedule a paving job or sealcoating. Temperatures must be well above 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit to effectively sealcoat. To prevent long wait times for driveway or parking lot usage, it is best to schedule during the warmest time of the year for quick drying.

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