Concrete Repair

Concrete Repair 1
While concrete is more durable than asphalt, there is still the possibility of cracking or damage. At Pavecon, we have seen all kinds of problems, minor and major, and fixed them all.

Typical Concrete Surface Problems

Structural cracks can form due to incorrect design, poor construction practices, and overloading. When these cracks appear, the structural capacity of the aggregate is in danger of failing. If not repaired quickly, these faults can cause injury and vehicular damage, amongst other threats.
Non-structural cracks most often occur from stresses such as use, building materials, heavy objects, and more. Different from structural cracks, non-structural cracks do not pose a direct threat of injury or vehicular damage. However, they are unsightly and may give the appearance that the concrete installation was faulty.
Macro defects are visible to the naked eye and are usually a result of deterioration over time due to water and other chemicals penetrating the concrete surface. Much like non-structural cracks, they are unattractive.
Micro defects are generally not seen by the naked eye; these defects are usually very fine cracks on the surface. They can occur because of incorrect water-to-cement ratio or the use of low-grade materials.

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