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Repair Your Concrete with Pavecon

Concrete repairs are a vital component of an effective, long-lasting care plan. Pavecon is proud to provide concrete repair services to residents and businesses throughout the Dallas metro area. With over 25 years experience, we have seen all types of repair projects. Both big and small, minor and major, we have fixed it all. Call our office today to discuss your project and get your questions answered. We are the paving contractor in Dallas that you can count on.

Typical Concrete surface problems

There are 4 major types of cracks or damages that occur consistently. Dealing with these early is of utmost importance.

Structural cracks are cracks that form due to incorrect design, poor construction practices, and overloading. When these cracks occur, the general structural capacity of the aggregate is in danger. These can cause injury, vehicular damage, and more. Repairing structural cracks quickly is vital.

Non-structural cracks in concrete mostly occur from stresses caused by building materials, heavy objects, and more. Different from structural cracks, these do not directly pose the threat of injury or vehicular damage. However, these cracks are usually hard on the eyes, and may, in fact, give the appearance that the paving service was faulty.

Macro defects in the concrete are visible to the naked eye and are usually a consequence of deterioration over time due to water and other chemicals penetrating the concrete surface. Similar to non-structural cracks, macro defects are often unsightly.

Micro defects are generally not seen by the naked eye. These defects are usually very fine cracks in the surface. They can occur because of an incorrect water to cement ratio or the use of low-grade materials.

Pavecon Dallas is proud to be a leading pavement repair provider in Dallas and is prepared to assist you in your project today. Give us a call at (972) 263-3223 to learn more.

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