New Asphalt Installation

New Asphalt Installation 1
Asphalt installation projects can be large or small, from big-box shopping centers to a fast-food drive-thru, but they all go through the same process.

New asphalt installations begin with a thorough assessment and site plan. This allows projects to run smoother and anticipates any potential issues. The site is excavated and all unnecessary material is removed. The correct grade for the surface is then established.

An aggregate base layer material is applied. Getting this step right is crucial, as it must be added to the correct depth. Then, any additional aggregate is applied and leveled to prepare for the paving layers.

After the pavement has cured, pavement markings or stripes are laid down specific to client needs or ADA compliance.

Pavecon consistently delivers professional solutions for all new asphalt installations of any size.

Asphalt Paving FAQs



What is included in an assessment for a paving job?

A contractor will look at the entire area, including aerial views, to identify the most problematic areas. They will look for cracking, surface deterioration, and signs that indicate probable subgrade failures such as potholes or sunken areas. The contractor will then make a recommendation for repairs based on priority.

How do I know if I should use pavement or concrete?

Our team at Pavecon will assess your property and make recommendations based on the property and your specific needs. For dumpster pads, loading docks, or any surface that is going to see dynamic traffic, concrete is recommended. Asphalt is used in parking lots, as it is typically less expensive and can be opened to traffic immediately after placement.

What maintenance plan do you suggest for new asphalt?

Planning for pavement maintenance means your surface will remain safe, sound, and usable for years to come. We suggest a proactive, preventative maintenance strategy with regular annual inspections, sealcoating, and striping. Failures in asphalt pavement should always be repaired immediately. We also recommend sweeping up leaves and debris, pressure washing, removing vegetation, and cleaning oil and fuel spills.

My asphalt is starting to crack - do I need to replace it?

Cracks in asphalt can result from age and wear, or something more serious under the surface. Cracks allow water to pass through the pavement system and into the subgrade, further weakening the pavement and should be sealed as soon as they are discovered. An assessment will tell you the extent of the cracks and give you an idea of what to do next. For more serious cracks, patching or resurfacing may be needed.

What asphalt depth is ideal for commercial parking lots and driveways?

The pavement system for an average grocery store or retail center parking lot is 5 inches thick; this includes 3 inches of base and 2 inches of surface. For residential driveways, this would be 3-4 inches total. Commercial drives need thicker asphalt to handle the heavy traffic – around 6-9 inches.

What types of pavement does Pavecon offer?

Pavecon offers asphalt and concrete pavement installation, maintenance, and repairs. We also offer liquid overlays and sealcoating.

Are there different grades or types of asphalt that I should be aware of?

Pavecon uses all hot mix asphalt for their projects. Hot mix asphalt is available in many different types. We will help you determine the best system for your application.

Will I need to remove my old pavement, or can Pavecon put fresh asphalt on the existing pavement?

A thorough assessment will determine if your old pavement needs to be removed or if it is suitable to receive an overlay or patching.

How long does it take asphalt to cure on a commercial parking lot where trucks can drive on it?

Asphalt can be opened to traffic as soon as compaction is completed and the surface has cooled.

What areas does Pavecon service with new asphalt paving?

We have many paving offices throughout the Southern & Western United States. Our offices include:

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