Asphalt Maintenance in Lubbock, TX

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Maintain Your Asphalt Surfaces with Pavecon

Pavecon has delivered top quality asphalt maintenance services to Lubbock for over 25 years. Our crews are professionals, through and through. We understand the importance of a well-kept and maintained parking lot. No matter the size of your parking lot or road, Pavecon has you covered.

We happily deliver comprehensive maintenance to Lubbock, Midland, Odessa, Abilene, San Angelo, and the surrounding areas.

Our crew at Pavecon Lubbock offers comprehensive maintenance services including, but not limited to:

Parking Lot Sweeping

Asphalt sweeping is extremely important remedy to effectively care for your asphalt. This will remove any form of debris or other potentially harmful objects or materials. We recommend regular pavement sweeping to all of our paving clients.


Sealcoating is one of the best ways to maintain your blacktop surface. Sealcoating your asphalt parking lot will reduce the susceptibility of your surface to deterioration. Our sealcoating services are designed to protect your blacktop for years to come.

Parking Lot Striping

At Pavecon Lubbock, we offer professional striping services. Parking lot striping is important to optimum usability of your surface. It effectively directs traffic to keep your customers safe as they come and leave from your business. Our professional striping teams will have your parking lot looking and functioning its best.

Properly maintained asphalt will greatly reduce the number of premature, costly asphalt repairs. If you have any pavement maintenance needs in Lubbock, make sure to contact us at (806) 744-1092.

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When you choose Pavecon, we help you solve your facility maintenance problems– and you can rest assured that we won’t leave you with any new ones.