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Sealcoating, or pavement sealing, is one of the best methods of protecting your asphalt. A protective layer of sealant is applied to the pavement surface. This application protects it from water, oils, sun damage, and chemical penetration.

There are several types of standard sealers: refined tar-based, asphalt-based, and petroleum-based. Each sealer has its advantages and disadvantages, and timelines.


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A refined tar-based sealer provides the best protection against water and other chemicals. It lasts about 3-5 years. Asphalt and petroleum-based sealers are less effective at protecting against water and chemical damage and have a shorter lifespan of approximately 1-3 years. At Pavecon, we generally recommend sealcoating every 2-3 years; however, this could depend on the wear of the sealer.

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