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Pavecon Alabama is the premier contractor for concrete paving, repair, and pavement maintenance services. For over 25 years, Pavecon Alabama has dedicated itself to delivering the best concrete surfaces to the businesses of Birmingham and greater Alabama. Contact us today with any of your paving needs!

We proudly deliver our professional concrete paving services to BirminghamHooverPelhamCullmanHomewoodVista HillsMountain Brook, and throughout the state.

Our crews at Pavecon Alabama offers the following services:

Concrete Repair

Concrete repair can be a very critical to limiting damage to your surface. By preemptively addressing damage with effective repair, you can mitigate the extent of the problem. Whether you are experiencing structural cracks, macro defects, or a variety of other problems, Pavecon Alabama is the paving contractor for you.

Pavement Maintenance

Pavement maintenance is crucial in order to maintain the overall health of your paved surface. There are a number of preventative pavement maintenance techniques that are proven to help extend the life of your concrete. Regular maintenance also can preserve its aesthetic and function. At Pavecon Alabama we employ techniques like expansion caulking, sealing, marking and more in order to maintain the surface.

Pavecon Alabama will supply professional paving services to match your specific needs. Our 25+ years of experience have helped us to hone all of the skills necessary. We complete every job efficiently and effectively. Give us a call today (205) 477-6100 to learn more.

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When you choose Pavecon, we help you solve your facility maintenance problems– and you can rest assured that we won’t leave you with any new ones.