Have durable concrete surfaces, sidewalks, and curbing.

Commercial Concrete Contractor in Houston, TX

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Cracked, damaged, or aged concrete surfaces give clients a bad first impression of your business.

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Curbs, Gutters, & Sidewalks

Are you concerned about safety and ADA compliance with your concrete curbing?

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Loading Docks & Concrete Pads

Is heavy truck or machine traffic damaging your loading dock and truck court areas?

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Concrete Repairs

Do you have concrete areas that are starting to crack, show damage, and need repair?

Get the on-time & on-budget Concrete Services Your Business needs in the greater Houston area!


For nearly 30 years, Pavecon has been providing quality concrete services to businesses throughout the Houston area to help deliver value, protect your clients, and help your business run like it should.

Too many times, we’ve seen the results of substandard concrete work and how this can jeopardize safety, equipment, and building exteriors. We know you don’t want this kind of experience. That’s why we prioritize two things: you, and your needs.

We know you expect to get what you pay for in a contract. We believe you deserve to get quality and value without frustration and hassle. More than that, your investments on concrete pads, curbing, sidewalks, and other surfaces should always last as long as they were meant to.

That’s what Pavecon delivers: the value your investment deserves, provided through an easy, stress-free experience.

We Make Your Next Concrete Project Easy

Three steps to easily protect your vital facility investment.

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Schedule an assessment

We use an objective, tech-based evaluation process to ensure you get the right solution the first time, solving your exterior facility maintenance needs without stress and frustration.

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Pavecon goes to work

Pavecon ensures your entire experience, from proposal to close-out, is smooth and your project is completed on time, on budget, and to the strictest quality standards.

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The job gets done right the first time

Your project will be built to last by our well-trained concrete crews. Even after the job is done, we keep working. Our project managers will provide the continued support you need.

Bring value to your concrete surfaces.

Transform your “parking lot expenses” into long-lasting protection for your company’s exterior investments.

It’s enormously frustrating to watch the investment in your facilities crumble before your eyes. Curbing, loading docks, sidewalks, and other concrete areas that fall into disrepair make your company look bad and can introduce safety risks for your customers and employees.

Beyond those concerns, it leaves a bad first impression when your exterior doesn’t match the pride you take in your company brand. We believe your concrete areas should match that portrayal.

Not only will Pavecon erase the frustration of unsightly exterior property management challenges, but we also do it right the first time. You can forget feeling stuck without a trustworthy partner.

Pavecon performs all our concrete repairs, maintenance, and new installation to your satisfaction. Your customers and employees will love the new look and updated safety of your facilities, and you’ll love how easy it was to get the value your business deserves.

We make our clients happy

Tony Pena - PAJ Civil

Pavecon recently completed work on a concrete pond repair for our HOA on budget and in a timely manner. The work itself was per plan and by far one of the best projects I’d reviewed. The concrete and final grading were better than what we could have anticipated, really great work. They took the time and effort to finalize the job and leave a clean project area as they left. Excellent work and I’d highly recommend them.

Graham Hirst

Pavecon have performed a number of projects at Alamo Quarry Market, and we have been very impressed. Alex Jensen has really partnered with us to develop a game plan for capital projects and recommended maintenance. Project management and communication have been well managed, we look forward to continuing to build our relationship and completing more upgrade projects in the near future.

Sevent Security

Our HOA recently had the pleasure to work with Pavecon. We selected Pavecon to replace a portion of of our community pavement and were pleased at every step of the process. Kyler was always responsive to our bid and information requests and followed up on schedule. Kyler was the only contractor who followed up after the board meeting to check status and see if there were any additional questions regarding their proposal. Even though the job was relatively small, Pavecon was competitively priced and made it clear they wanted our business. Kyler followed up several times after the work was complete to ensure our satisfaction. We were very happy with the service and product from Kyler and Pavecon!

Maynard McMahon

Alex and the team at Pavecon did a great job on parking lot repairs. They were easy to work with and followed work scope as agreed.

Stefani Carter

Very professional and responsive. We have used Pavecon for several projects and have been very pleased with their work! We’re an out of town property management company so being able to trust our vendors is extremely important, and I highly recommend them.

Why Most Concrete & Pavement Fails

How long should your surfaces last? What should your ROI look like on exterior surfaces? These questions and more are answered inside our FREE resource, “Why Most Pavement Fails”. Download your copy today.

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    Partner with your local Houston Concrete Contractor

    Never let your company’s image be jeopardized by exterior property management problems. Pavecon makes getting paving and building services easy and hassle-free.


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    If you own a business or have a large paved area in Houston, then you are used to seeing a lot of concrete!

    The problem is that the heat and sunlight of Houston can give concrete surfaces a beating, and then is the normal wear-and-tear of trucks, vehicles, foot traffic, and everything else that contributes to regular concrete maintenance being needed.

    That’s why the Pavecon team is here – to provide the all-in-one solution for all your commercial concrete needs. Whether it’s new curbing and sidewalks, concrete repairs, a new loading dock, or a large concrete pad; we have the crews, tools, and materials to make your next concrete job easy.

    As the most populous city in Texas and 4th-most populous metro area in the United States, the City of Houston and greater metro area has a lot going for it in terms of economic growth.

    And if your business is located in Houston, you know how important it is to have time and energy to focus on your business.

    That’s why Pavecon offers complete care when it comes to building’s exterior, particularly your paved and concrete areas (parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, and more). 

    We make keeping your concrete areas simple and easy, all while following ADA compliance and keeping your property looking terrific for great first impressions!

    Covering almost 700 square miles, and with a population of over 2.3 million people, the future for Houston is bright.

    Multiple Fortune 500 companies are based in Houston, including: Philips 66, Sysco, Conoco Phillips, Plains GP Holdings, Enterprise Products Partners, Baker Hughes, and multiple others.

    The greater Houston area has been named a top United States market for exports, much of this due to its exporting of petroleum products, chemicals, and other oil and gas industries.

    No matter how your business fits into the Houston economy, you don’t need to worry about your property exterior. Work with Pavecon and experience the best when it comes to paving technology, tools, and best asphalt practices!

    And according to the Greater Houston Partnership, the city’s future is bright:

    “Houston is one of the greatest cities in the world. The economy is strong, the culture is diverse, and the quality of life is spectacular. It all combines to make this the perfect place to do business. 

    From energy to health care and aerospace to information technology, the Houston region offers a strong infrastructure to support these growing industries plus a thriving innovation landscape to launch the next generation of companies. Add in a highly trained and skilled workforce and you have the makings of one of the nation’s strongest economies.”

    As your local concrete contractor in Houston, we serve all zip codes including: 77002, 77021, 77040, 77059, 77078, 77098, 77384, 77479, 77547, 77003, 77022, 77041, 77060, 77079, 77099, 77385, 77484, 77571, 77004, 77023, 77042, 77061, 77080, 77204, 77386, 77489, 77573, 77005, 77024, 77043, 77062, 77081, 77325, 77388, 77492, 77574, 77006, 77025, 77044, 77063, 77082, 77336, 77389, 77493, 77578, 77007, 77026, 77045, 77064, 77083, 77338, 77396, 77494, 77581, 77008, 77027, 77046, 77065, 77084, 77339, 77401, 77497, 77584, 77009, 77028, 77047, 77066, 77085, 77345, 77406, 77498, 77586, 77010, 77029, 77048, 77067, 77086, 77346, 77407, 77502, 77587, 77011, 77030, 77049, 77068, 77087, 77354, 77429, 77503, 77588, 77012, 77031, 77050, 77069, 77088, 77357, 77433, 77504, 77598, 77013, 77032, 77051, 77070, 77089, 77365, 77447, 77505, 77014, 77033, 77052, 77071, 77090, 77373, 77449, 77506, 77015, 77034, 77053, 77072, 77091, 77375, 77450, 77507, 77016, 77035, 77054, 77073, 77092, 77377, 77459, 77520, 77017, 77036, 77055, 77074, 77093, 77379, 77469, 77530, 77018, 77037, 77056, 77075, 77094, 77380, 77472, 77532, 77019, 77038, 77057, 77076, 77095, 77381, 77477, 77536, 77020, 77039, 77058, 77077, 77096, 77382, 77478, 77546, and other surrounding zip codes.

    Other areas we serve...

    We offer our concrete services throughout the Southern & Western United States. Our offices include:

    Not sure if we service your area? Contact us to see if we can still help you or connect you with one of our partners!

    Main types of concrete repairs...

    Structural cracks: Structural cracks in concrete are a sign that the structure is in danger of failing. Repairs should be performed quickly to avoid potential injury or further damage.

    Non-structural cracks: These cracks are not as critical as structural cracks since the actual structure is not in danger. However, these cracks can be ugly and may indicate installation issues or the potential for structural cracks.

    Macro defects: These cracks are usually a result of water or other chemicals invading the concrete over a period of time. While not usually an instant threat, they indicate that repairs or maintenance may be required soon.

    Micro defects: Very fine cracks that usually are not visible to the naked eye. 

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    Every business owner and property manager knows you need to regularly maintain your concrete and other facility exterior areas – but you don’t have to deal with challenging or unreliable contractors. When you partner with Pavecon, you can rest assured that we will take care of your needs properly and with the best products.

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