Asphalt Repair in Dallas, TX

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Repair Your Asphalt With Pavecon

The Pavecon Dallas team provides top of the line asphalt repairs in Dallas. For close to 30 years, our team has assisted the businesses of Dallas with paving services like blacktop patching, pothole repair, crack filling, and more. We have the capacity to handle all size clients and have worked with medical centers, industrial buildings, car dealerships, and others. If you are looking for expert blacktop repair, look no further. Give Pavecon Dallas a call today.

Pavecon’s repair services include:

Asphalt Patching

Asphalt patching quickly, and efficiently fixes localized pavement damage.  Pavecon addresses a variety of pavement problems through variously specialized patches. We perform pothole, removal, surface, overlay patching and more.

Pothole Repair

Pavecon crews are the pothole repair experts in Dallas. This repair process consists of removing any broken or damaged pavement then  leveling the area with our new high-grade asphalt mix.

Crack Filling

Cracked pavement is unsightly, and important to address early. These cracks often lead to further asphalt damage such as potholes and base contamination. Pavecon Dallas offers full-service crack filling crews. Our team will locate, clean, and fill your pavement cracks. This will lead to a healthier pavement surface.

If you need blacktop repairs in Dallas, make sure to contact Pavecon. Give us a call today at 972-263-3223 to learn about all of our paving services.

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