Crack Filling

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Asphalt and other paved surfaces will show age and wear over time. One of the most common signs is cracking. Materials like water, oil, chemicals, or solids, combined with heavy traffic, can cause them to worsen or widen. If left unaddressed, small cracks can quickly develop into more extensive and numerous cracks; sometimes even potholes, which can be costly to repair.

Crack filling and sealing is an effective method of protecting your asphalt surface and is highly recommended for regular maintenance of your paved surface.

Repairing cracks involves cleaning the cracks with pressurized air to get rid of gravel and debris. The cracks are then filled with a joint sealant (applied with heat) and aggregate material to improve cohesion. We finish the job by sealing the cracks and leaving them to cure.

Q: Why is my pavement cracking?
A: Pavement cracks are caused by changes in weather, frequency of use, and shifting soil.
Q: If I only have one crack in my pavement, is it worth having the crack sealed?
A: Yes! Even one crack may cause the pavement to weaken over time and could lead to more cracks. If you fill the crack, you will likely save money by getting ahead of the problem.
Q: How long does crack sealing last?
A: Depending on weather and usage, filled cracks will last 5 to 10 years, and possibly longer.
Q: If I already have potholes, is it too late to repair my pavement?
A: No! Pavecon specializes in all kinds of asphalt repair. We will assess your pavement and repair it with the greatest value for you, whether it is crack filling, pothole filling, or other repair needs.
Q: Is crack sealing different from seal coating?
A: Yes. Crack sealing fills existing cracks. Seal coating adds another layer of protection to your entire pavement.
Q: Do I need an asphalt maintenance plan?
A: Regular pavement maintenance like asphalt sweeping and sealing will keep your pavement from cracking and extend the life of the asphalt. We can put a plan into place to inspect and maintain your asphalt before unsightly cracks and potholes form.
Q: Will crack sealing save money?
A: Yes. Crack filling is the most cost-effective way to extend the life of your pavement.

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