Asphalt Patching

Asphalt Patching 1
Asphalt patching is an effective and efficient form of pavement repair. The type of patch required depends on the condition of the pavement.

Pothole patching requires the removal of broken and damaged blacktop. After, a liquid tack is applied to the asphalt to assist with adhesion. Then, the hole is filled with new blacktop. After drying and curing, the pavement surface is fully functional.

Surface patching is used when the blacktop is still in stable condition. This method does not require removing the surface or subbase – the patch is applied to the existing surface and feathered to match the specific grade.

Overlay patching can help when there is a dip in the pavement that collects water or other materials. This is a temporary repair and helps to even out the surface and improve drainage.

Digout patches are used to fix highly damaged asphalt surfaces and allows for repairing base layers. Digout patches require more time and effort, and are more expensive than surface patching.

Contaminated asphalt requires excavation patching and is similar to digout patching. Contamination could occur from the addition of sub-par materials or liquid that compromises the integrity of the aggregate material.

Pavecon services can fix damaged pavement and rehabilitate its appearance and functionality.

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