Asphalt Repair in NOrthwest Arkansas

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Repair Your Blacktop with Pavecon

At Pavecon, we believe that timely asphalt repairs are critical. Addressing repairs in a timely fashion will help to reduce overall damage to your parking lot or road. Pavecon Arkansas has been repairing pavement surfaces in the NWA area for nearly three decades. In that time, we have mastered various paving, repair, and maintenance techniques including but not limited to asphalt patching, pothole repairs, and crack filling. We make it a point to deliver these services quickly in order to protect your pavement investment. Because of this service level we have established ourselves as the go-to paving contractor in Arkansas.  If you have blacktop repair needs, contact us today.

We provide asphalt repair services to Northwest Arkansas, Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville, and the nearby areas.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Asphalt Patching

Asphalt patching is a fast and effective repair method. We have knowledge a number of different patching practices to accurately fix your pavement problems. Patching types will range due to size and style. With a professional assessment we can accurately let you know what the best patch type would be for your surface.  If your parking lot or road needs patching services, call Pavecon Arkansas.

Pothole Repair

Our pothole repair crews are well prepared to solve any and all pothole problems. Potholes can form unexpectedly and in inconvenient locations. When they do it’s important to fix them quickly, to reduce the risk of injury. We are able to repair most potholes within one visit, and will work diligently to ensure its expert completion.

Crack Filling

Pavement cracks are uninviting and unwanted. If fine cracks are left unaddressed they can lead to larger cracks and potholes.  Because of this we recommend filling cracks as soon as they form. We provide a full-service crack filling crew to protect your blacktop surface from the elements.

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