Asphalt Maintenance

Asphalt Maintenance 1
Asphalt surfaces need to be taken care of and properly maintained. You should show the same level of care for your asphalt surface as your lawn or garden. A properly maintained blacktop surface extends its life and appearance – a surefire benefit for your clientele and wallet.
Pavecon crews use a variety of techniques to keep your surface looking great.

Parking Lot Sweeping

Sweeping is a cheap and effective way to keep your surface looking new. Adding sweeping to your pavement maintenance routine will keep your surface clean and functional.


Sealing your parking lot adds an extra layer of protection from water and chemicals and extends your surface’s lifespan. When performed regularly, sealcoating protects your blacktop surface from premature cracking, crumbling, and other costly repairs.

Parking Lot Striping

Striping makes parking lot traffic flow smoothly and safely. You can create extra parking spaces, direct traffic, and make your parking lot safe to use. Pavecon plans and designs their parking lot striping services to accommodate your needs with minimal disruption to your day-to-day.
A consistent, comprehensive maintenance routine can dramatically increase your blacktop surface’s overall look and health while greatly reducing costly repairs and saving time and money.

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