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Pavecon Dallas has been offering premier asphalt milling services to Dallas for over two and a half decades. Our crews have over 25 years experience as a top paving contractor. The team at Pavecon Dallas confidently offers its services to clients like big-box retail shopping centers, office retail centers, industrial buildings and factories, automotive dealerships, religious facilities and more. Regardless of the size of your asphalt parking lot or road, Pavecon will deliver. Make sure to contact us today with your pavement needs.

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Our top services include:

Parking Lot Milling

Our services are geared towards any type of asphalt parking lot. While there are a number of reasons that you may need parking lot milling performed on your parking lot surface, there is only one paving contractor that does it best. As Pavecon Dallas has over 25 years experience in commercial paving projects.

Road Milling

Our crews understand that there are a number of reasons that your asphalt road may need milling. Whether to your asphalt road is experiencing ravelingbleedingruttingshoving, or another form of damage, road milling may be the best solution. For over two and a half decades Pavecon has offered quality services in and around the Dallas, Texas area.

Pavecon Dallas delivers top of the line quality and service on each and every project. No matter the type or extent of damage your asphalt surface has experienced, our skilled crews can fix it. Therefore, if you are in need of parking lot or road restoration in Dallas or the nearby cities, contact us today at (972) 263-3223.

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