Rip Out and Replace

Asphalt Paving 1
Asphalt services cover everything from new installations to rip out and replace, overlay, and patching. Projects could be HOA services, commercial buildings, strip mall shopping centers, or bank parking lots.

Asphalt Overlay

An asphalt overlay is simply applying a new layer of bitumen. The bituminous paving is applied to the existing asphalt surface. It helps to smooth the surface texture, restore structural capacity, and improve aesthetics. Not all surfaces are suited to this treatment.

Rip Out & Replace

Rip out and replace is used on drastically damaged asphalt surfaces and is one of the more permanent forms of repair. The process begins with removing the asphalt and other materials, installing a new base layer, then adding the top asphalt layer. This technique is used when the base layer experiences faults or is damaged.

New Installation

A new asphalt installation is the most extensive form of asphalt paving. Crews work directly with clients to make sure installation goes smoothly and that the final product is stable.

Pavecon prides itself on continuously delivering premier blacktop services. Whether you are in need of an asphalt overlay, rip out and replace job, or a brand new installation, Pavecon can do it.

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