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Pavecon is proud to be an industry leading paving contractor serving Dallas, Texas and the surrounding areas. Our asphalt paving crews have been providing services to both residents and businesses in Dallas for many years. This has allowed our team to set the standard for customer service and satisfaction, asphalt paving practices, and professionalism. As a result, we deliver the top of the line asphalt services on each and every project, no matter the size. Whether you are looking for services for your HOA, commercial building or a strip mall shopping center, Pavecon is the paving company for you.

Pavecon provides complete commercial pavement services, including:

Asphalt Overlay

An asphalt pavement overlay is the application of a new layer of bitumen. The bituminous paving is applied to the existing asphalt surface. The asphalt overlay helps to restore structural capacity, overall aesthetic, and smooth texture to the asphalt surface.

Rip Out/Replace

Our rip out and replace service is meant for more drastically damaged asphalt surfaces. Rip out and replace reconstruction is one of the most permanent forms of repair. The process begins with removing the asphalt and other materials and installing a new base layer, and the top asphalt layer. As a result, this is utilized when the base layer is experiencing problem.

New Installation

new asphalt parking lot installation is the most extensive form of asphalt paving. This occurs when a completely new asphalt project occurs. Our crews work directly with you to make sure that your new asphalt parking lot is perfect for you. Above all, our new asphalt installation crews know new constructions.

Pavecon prides itself on continuously delivering the top of the line blacktop services. Whether you are in need of an asphalt overlay, rip out and replace job, or new parking lot installation, Pavecon Dallas is the contractor for you. Contact us today at (972) 263-3223 to learn more about our services.

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