Asphalt & Road Milling in Jackson, MS

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Restore Your Asphalt With Pavecon

Asphalt milling is a great way to restore and revitalize your asphalt surface. Pavecon Jackson offers asphalt milling services in Jackson and throughout the state. We offer these services to a variety of clients ranging from large office complexes to bank parking lots and drive-thrus. If your pavement has experienced damage, our milling services can help.

Parking Lot Milling

Parking lot milling is affordable and effective in repairing your surface. The technique keeps the existing pavement base in place while removing 1-3 inches of the damaged surface layer.  Once the surface layer has been removed a new surface can be paved and your parking lot looks brand new.

Road Milling

Road milling will keep your asphalt road in great condition. This repeatable process will remove the damaged surface and allow for a new surface to be installed.

Our team has delivered premier parking lot and road milling for many years. We aim for exceptional professionalism and customer satisfaction with every project. If you are in need of asphalt milling in Jackson or the nearby cities, contact us today at (601) 371-9948.

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