Parking Lot Milling

Choose Pavecon Parking Lot Milling Services

Our Pavecon Dallas team is proud to have offered complete milling services in Dallas for many years. We provide exceptional customer satisfaction and paving excellence. Therefore, if you have paving needs in the DFW area, make sure to contact Pavecon.

Asphalt milling is the process of removing a portion of the blacktop surface. We provide parking lot milling on all sizes of asphalt parking lots and roads. Furthermore, this process removes a specific amount of the surface layer. It can range from full depth removal to only enough to smooth the surface.

Parking lot milling is a very effective asphalt preservation and repair technique. One of the most common reasons for parking lot milling is the recycling of the road surface. This occurs when the top of the pavement is ground up, removed, and utilized as the aggregate material for the new asphalt pavement.

Milling successfully removes distressed areas of pavement. These distressed areas may come from raveling, where the aggregate becomes separated from the binder. As a result, it may come from bleeding, where the binder is coming up to the surface of the road.

No matter what the reason that your parking lot is in need of asphalt milling, Pavecon Dallas is the premier paving company that you can depend on. Contact us today at (972) 263-3223 with any of your paving needs.

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