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The only number you will need is ours.

Pavecon Public Works manages every crew your job requires, saving you the time and frustration of bidding, vetting, managing, and paying each separately. From earthwork to paving to streetlights to landscape, we handle it all. Our efficient, one-stop approach keeps your job on track and on time.

We’re well-connected.

Pavecon has fulfilled many contracts for municipalities in our service areas. We provide earthwork, site clearing, demolition, recycling, and soil stabilization before any concrete paving, asphalt paving, or chip seal job we perform. But your project doesn’t stop with paving, and neither do we. We go on to manage all the finishing work your project requires—from striping, signage, streetlights, and traffic signals to landscape, irrigation, and drainage—by managing a mix of our crews and the crews of trusted local subcontractors we have partnered with for decades.

We make your job easier and less costly.

Pavecon Public Works can make your job easier, and we also make financial sense. In the long run, calling our experienced team to manage your job from start to finish lowers the chance of costly mistakes and lets you focus on other tasks. That is well worth the 1-3% savings you might expect from managing the job on your own.


Pavecon Public Works can handle every aspect of your job—from earthwork, drainage, and electrical work to paving, striping, landscaping, and traffic signals. We accomplish this for you by managing a seamless mix of our services and those delivered through our trusted network of subcontractors.

Before commercial construction can begin, our Urban Street Development division builds the rights-of-way and side roads that need to be in place, as well as sidewalks, curbs, flatwork, and retaining walls.

Pavecon Public Works has the team and equipment to get in, get out, and get the job done. No matter how many crews your project requires, Pavecon will select and manage each one for you, so you don’t have to. The only number you will need to call is ours.


The proper foundation for your public works project.

The land must be prepared before paving can begin on any parking lot, street, or drive. First, it must be properly dug out and graded to form a firm, dry, and long-lasting base. This process of preparing the ground beneath your concrete or asphalt pavement plays a significant role in determining how well it will wear over time. How water responds to it, how much it fluctuates due to moisture or soil movement, and whether it cracks or doesn’t crack is determined at this stage.

Pavecon means more value, less hassle, and fewer delays.

Earthwork is the foundation of your project, and it needs to be correct. At Pavecon, we provide our earthwork services. Our excavation division handles everything from site clearing and demolition to grading and importing fill materials, brought in with our own trucking fleet. So if you have a question or concern, we are the ones who will work to resolve it for you.

Our earthwork and pavement crews work as a team.

Our earthwork crews work closely with our pavement crews to meet our high-quality standards with a smooth, seamless process. Of course, it isn’t every day that a pavement company can provide an earthwork team, much less one that is cross-disciplined enough to meet the expectations of our demanding pavement crew on the first try. But that is just one example of the higher quality and time-saving efficiency you get when you leave your project to Pavecon.

No need to manage it all yourself.

With Pavecon, you will not have to endure the headache of seeking bids from–and managing–multiple crews yourself, with all the inherent confusion, hassle, and delays. Instead, Pavecon will run your project for you from start to finish.


Highways, roads, and more.

Pavecon Public Works is a proven resource for public and private development. From impressive concrete highways and polished slip-form streets to basic chip-seal county roads, we do all kinds of roadway building and repair, but we do more than street construction. We also contract with public and private owners on everything from curbs and sidewalks to retaining walls, park trails, and parking lots.

State/Federal Contracts

Pavecon has solid financial backing for TxDOT projects. Our bonding capacity is up to $50 million to perform large-scale works involving everything from state-owned highways to federally owned interstates.

City/County Contracts

Our bonding capacity for construction and reconstruction work at the city and county level is as high as $60 million with a $15 million aggregate per project. We construct and repair roads, trails, and parking lots, whether concrete (including slip-form), asphalt or chip seal.

Working with Pavecon: Why it’s easy

Pavecon Public Works provides our own earthwork, site clearing, demolition, materials recycling, and soil stabilization for every job. In addition, we build and repair surfaces in asphalt, concrete, or chip seal using our own equipment and operate our own slip-form paver.

For your convenience, we subcontract and manage all other crews needed to complete the job, working with proven professionals in our trusted subcontractor network. No matter how many crews your project requires, Pavecon will select and manage each one for you, so you don’t have to. The only number you will need to call is ours.

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