Rip Out and Replace

Rip Out and Replace 1
Rip out and replace projects are often utilized when a surface is beyond repair from the top layer to the base layer.

It is a complete form of asphalt paving and will take your old, damaged asphalt surface and make it a new, attractive surface. There are several steps involved to ensure a successful project.

The top layer of pavement is removed to inspect the base layer and identify any existing issues below the surface. All below-surface problems are addressed before adding the new layer of paving. Not only will this improve the overall look of the asphalt surface, but ensures a structurally sound blacktop surface.

Removing and replacing blacktop is an excellent method to expand your parking lot. By utilizing rip out and replace, the effect on traffic is minimal.

Rip out and replace projects help to restore your surface to brand new. Pavecon is ready to assist you, no matter your paving needs.

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