Proactive Parking Lot Maintenance

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Your parking lot is the first impression clients have of your business or property. A parking lot full of cracks, potholes and worn-out asphalt is not only unsightly but also obstructs the building’s accessibility, creates safety risks for employees and customers, and leaves you vulnerable to lawsuits.

We understand that your parking lot maintenance may be overlooked amongst the myriad other tasks in keeping your property presentable and in good shape. However, with an attitude toward proactive parking lot maintenance, you can keep your lot looking great and costs down.

Develop a Proactive Plan

A proactive approach minimizes costs and labor by preventing minor problems from growing into severe ones. Your plan should include regular upkeep, seasonal tasks and annual repairs. You may consider:

  • sweeping up leaves and debris regularly
  • pressure washing to remove more stubborn dirt and debris
  • removing vegetation growing through pavement and sidewalks
  • cleaning oil and fuel spills with degreasing agents
  • sealcoating every 1-2 years
  • regular inspections for cracks or potholes, followed by repairs with crack filler for minor damage
  • de-icing pavement in winter
  • inspecting drainage systems to prevent standing water
  • restriping, especially after sealcoating or heavy washing

Sometimes unexpected issues arise. Encourage employees or tenants to recognize and report issues, then reach out to get an estimate or begin figuring out the next appropriate steps.

If repairs are needed, schedule any extensive work that would leave the parking lot unusable thoughtfully. This may mean phasing repairs over an extended period or dividing the task by sections.

Contracting for Pavement Maintenance

By partnering with a pavement and property management contractor, you have the assurance that the job will be done correctly every time. This gives you access to the tools, expertise and labor needed to get the job done. Pavement contractors are better equipped to recognize the necessary solutions for your property: cracks, wear, what causes them and how to repair them, for example. Contractors will also be familiar with local, state and federal regulations, e.g., accessibility needs. This leaves you to focus on managing your business and property.
Delegating pavement maintenance jobs frees you and your employees up for other matters that demand attention.

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